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A personal message: August 2016

After all of these years, it is with a very heavy heart that we, at Greenwood Labradors, announce that we are eliminating our training program. We have met so many wonderful people and amazing dogs through our years of classes but, we have decided to focus on other things, at this point. Our family, our own dogs and our other animals, to name a few. It is with great sadness that we make this announcement. However, we are also so excited to be entering this next chapter of our lives. If you were hoping to enter a class this summer, I do apologize. I'm very sorry to disappoint you. I will continue to happily answer any training questions by email at Over the years, we have had so many memorable moments, during class. Fun moments, sit on the edge of your seat moments, I don't believe that just happened moments and my favorite...many, many, many light bulb moments, from both the canines and humans! Thank you all, for such wonderful memories. We have always tried to make training fun, entertaining and educational. We hope that we, more often then not, succeeded in all three. We take many special memories with us, as we step into the future.





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